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List of latest calya car prices


List of latest calya car prices

List of latest calya car prices - After the arrival of calya cars in 2014, Indonesians flocked to visit Auto 2000. how to find sources of information about calya cars. Including the price list for the brokerage car. Given that Toyota has presented calya cars of many types, so the price is certainly not the same.

Even though Toyota itself has pinned the latest engine from a calya body with attractive specifications and complete features, but from the list of prices for calya cars offered, it will definitely make you shake your head because the price is very cheap.

The calya car itself is issued with two types, namely type E and type G. Meanwhile, from the daily there are 5 variants which are equipped with automatic transmission and manual transmission. The location of the differences in the five variants is in the superior features that have been embedded. If there are differences between each variant, then the list of cars from one to another is clearly very different depending on the features they have and offer.

for your consideration if you want to know the price of a calya car, here are the estimates:

-Calya giep E 1.2 MT IDR 131,00,000

-Calya type G 1.2 MT Rp. 136,500,000

-Calya type E 1.2 MT STD Rp. 130,000,000

some of the prices above can be used as an under estimate for you, who want to buy the car. however, from the prices above, of course, it can vary from region to region or with other regions which are not the same. if you want it to be easier to get the price then you can come directly to the dealer.

If you don't know about the information for purchasing a brokerage car, you should know that Toyota is doing a program by opening this brokerage car purchase order for anyone who wants to order it. However, it also costs IDR 5,000,000 for the order cost of the car.

You can place an order by contacting the Toyota dealer. After contacting the dealer, you can be sure that you will find a detailed explanation of the ordering program and what you can do to buy a broker car.


here is my article this time about calya cars, thank you for reading, hope this can be useful

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