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Goat Farming Business Method, Village Business But Get Rich Quick

Goat Farming Business Method, Village Business But Get Rich Quick

Goat Farming Business Method, Village Business But Get Rich Quick - Goat Farming Business Never underestimate it because of the goat farming business. Even though it sounds "Ndeso", this business will be very profitable with two possibilities that you get if you raise goats; stable price and the price can go up. another advantage of the goat is very unlikely to get sick and die.

for the price of a very cheap goat pen, and not too much additional feed, the market is easy enough to guarantee a business of raising goats with a fast return on investment. As long as it can be managed properly.


Goat Farming Business Opportunities

1. Etawa Goat Livestock Business

The etawa goat farming business is already very popular. This goat is famous for its premium quality milk which is good for therapeutic use of healing diseases, for example stomach acid, also increases endurance and many more.

Etawa goat farming is quite easy. The food is only elephant grass, young corn, and Waru Rengis, nanfka leaves, ketul leaves and so on.There is also additional food for Etawa goat, namely jackfruit which is still green, polar, cassava, and others.

2. Sheep Goat Farming

In terms of popularity, sheep don't need to be asked, but sheep are still inferior to goats. In fact, this lamb has a better nutritional content because it is richer in iron, phosphorus and others. Consumers on a diet will prefer lean lamb because it is full of nutrients.

In terms of sales, it looks like mutton is preferred, especially for making satay. Indonesian people often use this animal. Lamb is usually found in restaurants.If we judge from the maximum utilization point of view, sheep will be more widely used, starting from meat, fur to skin. Whether it's regular mutton or lamb, that's up to you as long as you know when you're targeting the market. Lamb meat can get the maximum benefit.

3. Javanese goat farming

Javanese goats, including native goats in Indonesia. The advantage of this goat is that it is cheap and also dominates the market. In terms of maintaining Javanese goats, the easiest.

Hence, goat entrepreneurs with small capital prefer to choose this type as the foundation of their goat farming business. Only then can they develop into other types.


Here is my article about goat livestock, hopefully it can be useful for all.

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