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Eel farming business opportunities


Eel farming business opportunities

Eel farming business opportunities - currently the name of livestock can be made with media including from eel fish. In the past, eels were cultivated in ponds where there must be mud, but now it doesn't have to be in a pond.

Of course this can cause farmers who have less land. I'm grateful if in modern times, limitations such as land can be overcome easily. By using a small area of ​​land the breeders can later harvest the cultivation of eels with the same large amount as usual.

eel livestock by using a barrel or drum that has been modified so that the environment will resemble the original habitat of the eel. It only takes a few small steps and adds ingredients from nature. Problems with your livestock can later start in the yard of the house.

Cultivation of eels using media barrels

1. Preparation with drum media or used barrels

using drums or used barrels is an option used to start an eel livestock business. Which is sure to prepare a tank made of plastic first so that it doesn't cause rust. However, if the atom is used is metal then clean the barrel first and then repaint it to can seal the rust from the barrel.

After finishing the painting, let it sit for a number of days until the smell of paint from the barrel disappears, so after that, prepare a hoe basin, a bucket of gauze, to accommodate the water and jerry cans.

When that is done, then sleep the vat hole in the top of the barrel to leave about 5 inches on the right and left sides. Then a wedge from your barrel so it can't roll after that hole it to make a drain.

2. Prepare the mud media for growing eels

It is very felt once in taking the soil media from the rice fields because it has quite a lot of nutrients, so first put the soil into the barrel until it reaches 40 cm.

The next step is to pour water, but not until the water is stagnant, the medium is just muddy. If this has been done then pour 4 bottles and Atuk twice until the soil becomes loose.

3. Spread the seeds of eels and their care

the next step is to spread the eel seeds, at least we put 150 eels in a barrel for further treatment, which is only by using feeding and water regulation.

There is no definite standard for eel feed. However, you only need to spread about 6% of the number of seeds. A good food for eels is like packaged snail worms or chopped small fish. Then also give eel feed right on the third day after spreading the seeds. Do the feeding in the afternoon because the habit of eels has time to eat in the evening and at night.


The following is my article this time with the theme of eel cultivation, hopefully it can be useful for all friends, more or less I apologize, thank you for reading.

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