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Complete understanding of Socio-Cultural Change

Complete understanding of Socio-Cultural Change

Complete understanding of Socio-Cultural Change - at this time there may be many and often encountered in various fields of life. Not all changes have a negative impact, there are also positive impacts from social change.In this article, I will fully tell the forms of socio-cultural change, factors, and I will also add examples of the most common ones in our time.Definition of Socio-Cultural Change

Before we enter into socio-cultural understanding, we must first understand social change. Social change is a process of shifting or changing the order in a society. Changes in innovative and intelligent ways of thinking, people's social life to get a more dignified life.

Social and cultural changes are changes that can occur in people's daily lives, including changes in the values ​​and ways of life from traditional to modern.

Characteristics of Socio-Cultural Change

In the discussion of socio-cultural change there are 2 characteristics as follows:

1. Imitative

The point is that from these characteristics changes occur in a community group and will be followed by other community groups. This happens because each of the groups will influence each other, they cannot isolate themselves from the existing changes.

2. Sustainable

The main social characteristics of change are this continuity. it means that people everywhere will always experience changes, either fast or slow. Social change will certainly occur and continue to develop. Because this is a basic human consequence.

Socio-Cultural Change FactorsIn socio-cultural change there are 2 factors, namely change encourages, hinders, The following is the explanation:

1. Inhibiting Factors in Socio-Cultural Change

Lack of relationships with other community groups.

Intolerance to cultural diversity.

An attitude of fear of losing traditions from the influence of new cultures.

Indifferent attitude towards other people's work.

Vested interest or it can be said the desire to maintain traditional values.

The composition of the population tends to be homogeneous and always feels satisfied at the current condition.

2. Supporting Factors for Socio-Cultural Change

The existence of a visionary mindset and behavior.

Like or easy attitude in accepting new things.

Attitude always respects the work of others.

There is a contact with another culture.

There is a desire to always initiate change.

The system of stratification can be said to be open.

As well as a sense of dissatisfaction with current conditions. The composition of the population tends to be more heterogeneous. The system of formal education is advanced. There is an attitude of tolerance towards cultural differences.

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