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4 Honda motorbike products in 2020


4 Honda motorbike products in 2020

4 Honda motorbike products in 2020 - The current means of transportation is very rapidly developing. One of which is the means of public transportation that is already used by all people in Indonesia today is a motorbike made by Honda. Honda itself is a large automotive company. In 2020 the emergence of many kinds of the latest types of motorbikes and are marketed at highly adjusted prices, from cheap motorbikes to expensive motorbikes.

Almost all Honda products update in 2020 are very in demand. The latest Honda motorbikes are designed with increasingly sophisticated and efficient facilities and specifications for motorbike users. Finding maintenance is also easy and also superior to buying a motorbike made by Honda. Motorcycles made from Honda are popular and already have the title of best selling motorbikes.

The value of Honda motorbike sales is very large compared to its competitors Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki. I am loyal to the Honda Beat motorbike, which we don't need to do anymore in terms of its already very famous popularity. Are you considering owning a Honda motorbike?

The price of the latest Honda motorbike in 2020

1. Honda CMX 500 Rebel

for friends who like Uber-style motorbikes, they usually get expensive offers, which are around 146 million. such as a Honda cmx500 Rebel motorbike is included in a MOGE type motorbike whose price is reasonable at a high price. the most important thing is that it is comfortable to use.

For example, we will discuss very briefly in terms of the facilities and specifications of this motorbike, you can find its advantages, namely the presence of two cylinders with a capacity of about 471 cc which can produce maximum power. Apart from the presence of an ABS braking system and coupled with a fully digital speedometer .

2.Honda RC213V-S

The new Honda motorbike and the price is also very expensive is the Honda motorbike type rc213-s. This type of motorbike costs fantastic up to 10 billion rupiah. Especially designed to be able to be driven on the highway, how much is the price of this motorbike because the technology that is owned by this motorbike is the same as the motor, how much the price of this motorbike is expensive because the technology owned by this motorbike is the same as that of the MotoGP motorbike. Used by famous riders like Valentino Rossi and Pedrosa.

The engine, yes, can be said to be a monster engine because it uses a v4 engine, liquid cooled, 4-stroke, 6-speed, and has a capacity of 999cc, so it can produce so much power up to 998 to 999 cc.

3. Honda CRF 250 Really

This Honda motorbike is a rival for the Kawasaki motorbike which is the 250 version as well. This motorbike is perfect if used to pass through heavy terrain roads even stronger than Kawasaki which is the 250 version. If you like adventure in the Wild this motorbike is a motorbike suitable for you.

but this motorbike is only equipped with 1 cylinder only and it has a large capacity of 249 cc. But you don't need to worry anymore because there are so many advantages. The advantage is that it has an upside down front suspension which can always accelerate stably.


here is my article this time about the latest motorbike from Honda in 2020, hopefully the readers can add to the insight of friends, more or less I apologize, thank you for reading.

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