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3 mistakes when making a job application CV that we need to avoid

3 mistakes when making a job application CV that we need to avoid

3 mistakes when making a job application CV that we need to avoid - A job application CV is one of the important files where it should not be left behind when applying for a job. How is it certain that we know that the function of this CV itself is a file of our CV documents of all things that need to be known from the owner of the workplace. but we do not realize that many people have the wrong job application CV. We must avoid this problem.

That mistake can be intentional or unintentional. What can be done is to make a job application that has a big influence on the place where we go to get a job. The chances are that it will be very unlikely to be accepted by a company or institution. For that, I will give tips on making the best CV by paying attention to both the mistakes that we might make in the form of layout, writing, CV design itself or structure.

what's the best way to be able to make a cool resume called this CV? What are the tips for a more attractive CV appearance? How does a CV get you accepted? In the following, I will explain where the CV creation error lies.

Mistakes in making a job application CV that need to be avoided

1. Never list irrelevant work experience

Irrelevant work experience as meant by the word above is when the previous work experience is not suitable for the job you are aiming for. Try to have you specialize in the appropriate work experience of the star you like to apply for. right later it can give the impression that your compatibility is not easy to accept because it fits the qualifications needed by the company.

2. Don't list your hobbies

the thing we need to pay attention to again is a description of a hobby. where because most people always include hobbies in their CV information. Actually, that is not a problem, but it can be very influential from the quality of the CV you have. For that, it is a good step or not including information from your hobby.

The reason is because there is information that the company considers insignificant. How Opi has nothing to do with work, and we shouldn't also need to attach information about your hobbies or preferences.

3. Don't lie

You must also agree that honesty is important in our school life, including when making a job application CV. According to several surveys which state that the greatest number of errors in writing a CV is due to lies. The lie is in the form of a lack of qualifications from a job applicant or compensation. You must remember that you should not lie and if it is reduced then the impact will be bad in the future.


The following is my article this time about the error of making a work application CV. Hopefully by reading it, it can add to my friends' insights, more or less I'm sorry, thank you for reading.

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