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3 great freshwater fish fishing lures

3 great freshwater fish fishing lures

3 great freshwater fish fishing lures - Fishing is an entertaining activity. Most people consider fishing to be a hobby or a hobby. This activity is carried out based on the habitat of the fish species. In order to be successful in fishing and whether or not the fisherman is reliable, he must know what fishing bait is good for the fish to be lured.

Usually for those of you novice anglers, know the most important way of fishing. Moreover, in terms of baiting in the usual way it is not enough, three so you have to like to practice patience to be able to get a target. What makes the bait with various phantas mixed with ingredients is said to be liked by fish.

both beginner and new anglers really like this activity. Let's look for tricks and tips for making good bait. By trying to get the information carefully you will get a very fun and exciting fishing sensation.

Bait for fishing for vigorous and fine freshwater fish

1. Moss

The first bait is moss. Generally, moss is suitable for tilapia feed. Playing because it is easy to find moss, you are also said to be in fishing for tilapia from hiding places. However, not all of the moss can be used for fishing for wild tilapia.

Good moss itself is moss that is found in rocks or rice fields and gutters. Did you know that moss has a soft green texture characteristic so that wild tilapia fish will be attracted to it.

2. Instant noodles

Have you ever used instant noodles for fishing? Did you know that instant noodles are a very effective bait product for tilapia. This one bait is often used for the main bait or can also be used as an alternative if the main fish runs out and it is difficult to buy and find it.

Your laughter can prepare the election for hot water rayam and also add instant noodles. Then mix all the ingredients. To be able to make the noodles more rare than egg yolk, it gives fishy smell and appeal to fish.

3. Worms

for this type of fishing bait you may know and use it very often. Worms are one of the most powerful and commonly used bait. Especially from this tilapia fish is very fond of worms. Tilapia itself is included in all-eating fish and also eats various types of bait.

For the types of worms that can later be used as an option are worms from rice fields or worms from rotten bananas, while those from earthworms are not widely used because of their inadequate texture. Earthworms are more tools and very large in size.


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