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Dragon Fruit Cultivation Business Opportunities


Peluang Usaha Budidaya Buah Naga

Dragon Fruit Cultivation Business Opportunities-Dragon Fruit Cultivation Business Opportunities - When I was surprised suddenly on the way to Pulau Merah Banyuwangi there were lots of dragon fruit orchards in almost every resident's house. Interestingly, when returning from a tourist spot, this dragon fruit garden is a lamp on each pole.

It feels like you are at an impromptu night market but it only contains dragon fruit orchards. According to what I have been looking for, it is done by dragon fruit cultivators to harvest all year round.I was curious about the dragon fruit then, I tried and looked for information and finally I found facts about a dragon fruit cultivation business.

Nursery and Maintenance of Dragon Fruit Cultivation Business

1. Previous Dragon Fruit Breeding

Generally, nagaini fruit seeding can be done by cuttings. This method is faster because it doesn't take a long time from small to grow big. But if it's really hard for you to find seeds, the fact is that dragon fruit can be planted with seeds.

2. Past Soil Processing

The soil used in the media for growing dragon fruit must be loose and clean from weeds and grass. In addition, also decide whether you want to use a single climbing system. For medium from a single climb, use 6 kg of sand, 6 kg of red bricks, 11 kg of manure and 301gr of dolomite mixed until blended and use this in just one planting hole.

3. How to do irrigation

Watering dragon fruit is not allowed and cannot be overdoing it because it can make the dragon fruit stem rot. However, you also have to adjust to the conditions of the land and also how to plant it.

You can use a wide system like a trench that has a depth of 21 cm or a pipe is used to irrigate the whole plant.

4. How to Plant and to Move Seedlings in the Field

Make sure before moving the soil depth to about 21% of the height of the seedlings. If the length is 55-80 cm, the depth needed for seedlings is about 15 cm. Don't forget to smear the Ridomil 41 grams diluted with 1.5 liters of water for the stems so they don't rot quickly.

5. How To Care For Dragon Fruit

In order for the business to run smoothly, the cultivation of this dragon fruit so that it doesn't die quickly, make sure you are able to care for the dragon fruit garden properly. To do irrigation, just 1-2 times a day. Meanwhile, for manure, you can use intervals of 3 months, around 6-10 kg.

6. Giving Lights for Lighting

Many dragon fruit cultivators have proven that providing lighting can accelerate fruiting and in this way can increase dragon fruit productivity.


Here is my article this time, hopefully reading it can add to the insight of all friends, thank you for reading

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