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Rabbit farming business opportunities


Peluang usaha budidaya ternak kelinci

Opportunities for rabbit farming - There are not many people who know that the rabbit farming business is still a long-term opportunity and also a good opportunity. The theory of talking about the person until the poop is able to generate a lot of money, the need for rabbits is also increasing so that these rabbits are suitable to be a profitable business.

The types of rabbits that are bred are the Belgian Angora California Himalayan white and American black rabbits. actually the local rabbits in Indonesia come from Europe which have been mixed with other types and it is very difficult to recognize them again. If you want to try raising rabbits that are fleshy then choose a californian kind of rabbit because it is the best.

Tips for raising rabbit livestock

1. Choosing good rabbit seeds

To choose a rabbit breed that is good at 3 months old, if you want to buy it in a pet shop, don't believe that what they are selling is a baby rabbit who is 2 to 3 months old. The weight of a rabbit when it reaches 3 months is already twice the size of an adult human hand . There are several things we can consider.

We can see the feed given to rabbits in the pet shop. If the feed is corn and kale, then you don't have to take the risk. You don't want to be in trouble because the rabbit is sick.

Rabbit breeding

When carrying out rabbit maintenance we have to be careful because the cage must be clean and also provide food for the rabbits. Do not put SimSimi is famous in strong sunlight or humid places, we must try to keep the conditions dry, cool and cool.

If the air is very hot, the rabbit will be exposed and prone to headstroes. The condition outside the rabbit must always be made a place to drink it so that we get too much wind and cause bloating.


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