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Earthworms Farming Business Can Make A Lot Of Money


Usaha Budidaya Ternak Cacing Tanah Bisa Hasilkan banyak uang

Earthworms Cultivation Business Can Make A Lot Of Money - When I read the story of Abdul Azis Adam Maulida in the Kompas daily, I was surprised because he can earn an average of 300 million per month just by opening a worm farming business.

You all don't believe it, do you? Same!

However, after reading various articles entitled worms on the internet, it turned out that these worms were targeted by many people. Starting from bird breeders, chicken breeders and also people who are involved in the world of health. I really did not expect that the demand for worms was so high.

Earthworm Livestock From Zero

1. Earthworm Pond

Earthworms can be considered the easiest. You only need to use the leftover residue from natural waste such as grajen from the soil. Place this material in the pond for cultivation with a size of 1 × 4 meters and a height of 60 cm. Also use bricks and cover with media for the nursery, grajen earlier.

What we have to remember is that for earthworm farming so that you can be successful, make sure the soil moisture is right. Worms are very fond of humid places and away from the sun. However, do not let the worm breeding place too wet, or even dry. If it is too dry, you can use the spray several times a day so that the worms don't die.

2. Feeding Earthworms

Earthworm care is not difficult at all to treat earthworms. You can only use a few herbs that have a high moisture content and they smell strong. The most preferred foods from earthworms include chicory, lettuce, leaf lettuce, rice bran, corn bran, cassava dregs, tofu dregs and others.

Besides that it is suitable for fostering the development of earthworms, this vegetable can decompose together with the soil and provide benefits to stabilize the pH of the pond. Other things that can be used such as livestock manure. Animal manure turns out to have high protein and is easy to digest.


Here is my article this time I hope reading it can add to your insight, all of you, thank you for reading.

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