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Definition of direct marketing and the shortcomings of direct marketing

Pengertian pemasaran langsung serta kekurangan direct marketing

Definition of direct marketing and the shortcomings of direct marketing - Definition of direct marketing and the shortcomings of direct marketing - what is meant by direct marketing is the meaning of direct marketing is a process in which the marketing system is a person or organization that does this marketing can communicate directly with several target consumers to be able to make sales. and provide a response to transactions with these target consumers.

Direct marketing will provide several responses from those targeted consumers who have been targeted, such as the response is inqury, support, purchasing. Marketing tricks are very different from personal branding. The activities of direct marketing or can be said by another name this direct marketing without having an intermediary so that can cut all promotional costs and be able to generate greater profits and of course.

Definition of direct marketing or direct marketing

According to a shop, Suyanto, the meaning of direct marketing is a system where marketing uses all direct channels to reach consumers and later delivers services or goods to consumers without having intermediaries. to get results as well as responses and transactions which will be measured at a certain location.

Benefits and goals of direct marketing

In general, the purpose of this direct marketing is to be able to market to promote services or products to target consumers by rotating low costs. This marketing trick itself can provide many benefits to several people who are involved in it, such as consumer sellers and the owner of the product.

Benefits derived frim sellers

the benefit is that it allows testing of the marketing medium as well as multiple alternative messages to find a method that is both effective and economical, making the offer scale and strategy difficult to replicate with its competitors.

Benefits obtained from consumers of retail products

in activities, shopping can be easy and time-saving and done at home, consumers have such a thing as freedom where they are free to choose goods according to their needs and they can see the price by being able to see the catalog or listed on a website.

Benefits obtained by consumers of the product

consumers of the product can get and study carefully so that later they can save all the time and do not need to meet other WiraNaga's to get an explanation of the product being sold.


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