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3 psychological concepts to maximize online promotion

3 konsep psikologi untuk memaksimalkan promosi online

3 psychological concepts to maximize online promotion - 3 psychological concepts for maximizing online promotion - running a business or business in the online field will never be separated by interacting with one another because you as a businessman must always be in touch with the various characters possessed by humans in a promotion this is then the concept of a psychology can be so very important.

Why should it be about psychology? Due to the early age factor in a book entitled Influence the Psychology of Persuasion states that the concept of psychology can create an effective and good persuasion to maximize all promotions from online stores. use some of these psychological concepts?


The concept of this psychology can be maximized by in an online shop promotion effort, namely reciprocity. According to doctor Robert, human relations help create a reciprocal relationship to be able to do something similar to what has been done by other parties such as if c gives x then tomorrow will also give the same value, namely q and z.

Priscilla we can make a decision as an online businessman, we must be able to apply it when the online store promotion effort is where we can give something for nothing like a gift, it is a starting boat and later consumers can also provide a reality and reciprocity.


Almost all humans in this world have been betrayed or have been lied to. This date is a general psychology that exists in every human being. From there you online business people must understand the concept of not letting the promotions you run give you false promises and ultimately disappointing consumers.

If you say that you can provide service quickly then it must be done quickly or not then buyers will not need postage and they will not buy your goods. Election itself is an obligation which of course we must fulfill if you want to get maximum results in the future. promotional efforts should never disappoint customers.


the concept of psychology that can help you to maximize the promotion of online stores, namely the third below in human psychology can show a habit that is carried out in general which later will be easier to obey a word or order from people we admire or we also like .

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